Woody Lissauer

by Woody Lissauer

Released 2004
Woodworks International Recording Corporation
Released 2004
Woodworks International Recording Corporation
Singer/Songwriter Rock with Folk & Avant-Garde flavors ~ An inventive mix of a wide variety of genres, each painted with delicate nuances appropriate to it's style. A virtuostic multi-instrumentalist with an emphasis on poetic lyrics, and some amazing fe
Over night sensation? Not if you have been listening to Multiplex, Strangelove, The Gordon Michael's Band, Cinematrix, U. S. Bang, Crack the Sky, Living Colour or countless other popular bands. His original band, Cubic Feet (Warner Bros. Pub.) has charted songs from their 4 CDs.

"My father played wonderful old folk songs for us & at age six I made him teach me how & I've never stopped." He played with Steppenwolf while still a teenager. Then a BA in music comp at T U & post grad with the late, great guitarist Larry Wooldridge (Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald etc.), graduating into a full-time life on the road, Jazz, New Wave, Prog-rock, Folk, Fusion and more featured his dazzling guitar playing.

Out of TU Woody immediately joined the popular Gordon Michael's band (A&M records) where his sophisticated musicianship, multiple instruments & stage presence made him an instant favorite with the crowds. He played in various bands and styles during the years like Cinematrix w/Laura Hunter (Chrysalis Records), Crack the Sky (Lifesong Records), U.S. Bang (teaming up with Aerosmith's Joe Perry, Kix etc.), Multiplex - the first band to take the 'New Wave' music full-time in the Mid Atlantic. Touring up and down the East US and Caribbean continued with Strangelove, Zanzibar, & even Maryland's 1988 ..1 country band The Alamo Band, on keyboards with Pebbles & the Bam Bam Boys in front of 80,000 people.

All the while he was writing and working on the CDs of his original group, Cubic Feet. Produced by the famous Peter Solley (The Romantics, Peter Frampton, Oingo Boingo etc.), and engineered by Shelly Yakus (Tom Petty, Stevie Nicks etc.) they've received international airplay, cracked the top 100 at a mainstream radio station, reached the top ten on several college stations, even to number one! As a producer, Woody has made recordings for dozens of artists in many styles and learned to work the intricate modern studio like an instrument.

All that experience taught him how to express himself on almost every instrument & on his solo CDs he puts it much of it on display. In 1998 he teamed up with English folk recording artist (& sister) Kate Lissauer, folk singer Chris Noyes, opera singer Julia McCabe & others to infuse a female and Celtic component into his sound. This, combined with the futuristic drum tracks, exotic instruments, sophisticated production, and strange chords creates fascinating, emotional recordings that change from song to song! A must-hear!

Woody's voice is also like many instruments, sometimes growling sometimes soaring, always emotional. Woody has been compared to Joseph Arthur, David Grey, Beck, Bowie, Peter Gabriel and Radiohead. Find out why this CD has been called "Music you must hear" by Music Monthly Mag!